Event battle of the Bards

First of all I am pretty new to this game, so this question might be stupid.
So in this week event we need to "Heroically defeat Elves in Explore mode to inspire Elwyn’s latest ballad."
What does that mean? I did encounter Elves and defeat him but it did not count as process. How do I complete this event?

It must be done within Explore Mode of kingdoms. Explore mode is unlocked for a kingdom after you finish the questline. You can find it as the button to the left of Quests when you select a kingdom.

I haven’t seen the best places to explore in yet, but I would guess Zhul’Kari, Forest of Thorns, and maybe Silverglade to be among the best.


Thank for the answer
So I just keep doing explore mode until I encounter him?

I’m assuming you mean Elwyn when you say him. For this week, we are killing Elves for Elwyn. So any unit that has the elf type will count. You’ll see the green stone at the bottom of their unit card if they count.

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Thank you so much!

For Elves, go to Silverglade, Zhulkari, and Forest of Thorns to Explore. (If you can’t Explore, you need to finish the Quest line.)

If you don’t find any Elves, go to Difficulty and then exit Difficulty, this will reset your Explore enemies.
When you find an Elf it will have a green gem on his picture [see below]

By the way, as you are new to GoW

  1. Welcome!
  2. This event is one of the worst, they are usually not this difficult to find enemies.

By the way, in order to get this matchup, I had to check all three kingdoms (they had zero Elves x3), and enter/exit Difficulty, then check all 3 again.
So 5 out of 6 times there were zero Elves.