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Event "A Dwarven Record" explore teams

I create a topic so we can share our teams and help each other.
Thank you for sharing your teams with us :kissing_heart:

There are old topics on team explorer, but let’s put it back to the day with this event

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Here is the one I use. No need for crazy troops, just set the game to normal level:

  • Deep Borer ***
  • Bombot ***
  • Bombot ***
  • Spirit Fox ***


really fast :slight_smile:

I use Dragon Soul / Sylvanimora / Dragon / Dragon to farm explore mode. I use the Red/Purple banner.

The idea is to cast DS as quickly as possible. Depending on the difficulty, 1-3 casts are enough to wipe the enemy team. Sylvanimora is filled when there are no red or purple matches on the board. I cast his ability to explode as many red and purple gems as possible.

I’ve been using Shadow Dragon and Venbarak in the other slots. I don’t have them traited, otherwise their Magic Link traits would be extremely valuable for filling DS. However, Shadow Dragon can fill DS with his ability, and if Venbarak can kill the remaining enemies with his AOE, then I cast him.

Usually this team grants the full 40 souls per match in exchange for sacrificing a little speed compared to other explore builds.

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My team for max Explore wins/hour:

Deep Borer
Flame Cannon
Mechanist w Imperial Jewel

Kraken Banner
This team has +4 Mech, +3 Adana Bonuses

Just one brown match, explode the bot and Good Night Irene! Flame Cannon or Mechanist does mopping up if need be. Of course this needs a fully traited Mechanist using Mech perk. Full traits on Deep Borer helpful (especially Water Link), Flame Cannon and Bombot traits not necessary.


since this event requires no team modification i just use my standard explore farm


Last week’s top Explore deck was:


This week it might be the same but possibly 2x Siren due to Rowanne losing Event buff.



Mine is similar to @NowayJoe2Go


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My favorite, fastest, and coolest group for this or any explore is:

I love the skull-spam and there’s no pressure to ensure that all are optimally ascended/levelled/traited.

Though I think I’ll definitely like them more when they’re “all grown up”. :wink:

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I use:

Green Seer

If you fill rowanne, you win.
If you fill seer, you can fill rowanne from green and win
Siren starts full and can spawn gems (avoid enemy with red or brown)
Soothsayer starts full and can give a few targeted mana to fill either seer or rowanne
If you don’t win from 1 rowanne cast (say a health boosted giant), the siren can finish it off

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Today, I’m using a team to try out the Owl.

Ice Witch

Not as fast as I thought, but it does show me how fun/potent the Snowy Owl will be.

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I had been using a TDS team with double necromancy because I wanted to earn more souls while exploring, but I decided to give these Rowanne teams a try and I’m glad I did. They’re fast enough that I’m earning nearly as many souls as before and way more traitstones.

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This has been my explore team for a while, though recently tweaked it with the new Own troop:

Scythe Farming
Morthani’s Scythe - Sorcerer *
Snowy Owl *** (Previously Shadow Dragon *)
Giant Spider *

Old Gods’ Banner - +2 Purple

The traits are the required one (3 Magic Links).

Morthanthi’s filles in two normal purple matches, and the rest just feed it. I currently have 21 damage base on the scythe. (Level 202 hero, 4 Magic Kingdoms at level 10, no stars, no guild bonus currently). Working on getting Ragnagord his Fast trait to help counter bad starting positions more. 2-3 casts of Morthani’s is usually enough to clear an explore.

EDIT: The team can technically be done with any of the Scythes, it’s just Morthani’s has the highest damage.

This is an absolute work of art! With that banner + Water Link + mechanist trait, a single blue match also guarantees a filled Deep Borer - great when the board doesn’t feel like giving you any brown matches.

Thanks for sharing! Amazing high level explore team for anyone that doesn’t need souls anymore.


Glad you like it. Honestly I’ve found nothing else that grinds faster in Explore if you don’t need souls.

valk, rowanne, kraken, kraken

Valk, Rowanne, Mercy, Death…

I put Death in there as a finisher in case Rowanne did not kill them all with one cast, nice thing about Death is he also has Necromancy so in conjunction with the Valk I get:

  1. Fast matches, sometimes end on turn 1
  2. Souls, as long as I make Valk cast 1 time I get almost 90 souls

I finished with the snot gems yesterday and built up another 400 or so snot gems today (1400 total thereabouts). Along with all the snot gets and trait stones I ended up with around 40k souls… So a good event all in all for me.