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‘Ethereal’ trait and other trait ideas

Hey everyone. So with the arrival of Doomskulls I felt it was time to revisit this trait idea that I posted some time ago…

All skull and attack damage dealt to this troop is reduced to one point. It takes double damage from spells.

This would be a rare-ish trait on a few troops, like Stoneskin or Impervious. Not a unique legendary trait.

While we’re here, I’ll revive a few other trait ideas that seem to fill obvious gaps:

Mighty Blow
Critical hit skulls attacks made by this troop deal 50% extra damage.

Spell Screen
Damage from spells dealt to this troop is reduced by 25%.

Damage from spells dealt to this troop is reduced by 50%.

25% of spell damage dealt to this troop is dealt back to the enemy troop that cast the spell.

Start battle with a Barrier effect in place.

This troop gains +3 mana whenever any other troop casts a spell.

Now here’s some sets of colour-themed ones:

Fire Bane
Spells and attacks of this troop deal 50% extra damage to Red enemies.
(Likewise Water Bane, Air Bane, Earth Bane, Nature Bane and Magic Bane)

Fire Seal
This troop takes 33% less damage from spells and attacks of Red enemies.
(Likewise Water Seal, Air Seal, Earth Seal, Nature Seal and Magic Seal)

Fire Source
This troop gains +2 to all skill stats at start of turn if a Firestorm is in play.
(Likewise Water Source, Air Source, Earth Source, Nature Source and Magic Source)

Come on devs what are we waiting for? :smile:

Feedback and further ideas of course always welcome.


I’m down. Though I think some of these might be too nasty for GW lol.

Do you mean it functions like Scorpius’/Anu’s/Bard’s traits? Or is it a flat “+2 to all skills as long as storm is in effect”?

Awesome work Jainus!
Really like the Ethereal (or insubstantial ect…)…troops that are essentially immune to physical but vulnerable to magic!

+1 one this

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The only problem with Ethereal is that the included drawback makes the troop occupy 2 different strategic niches- If it’s anywhere but the front line, its trait is all negative. If it’s useful on a team where you’d want it untraited, then you’d never want to buy the trait, since you can’t refund it on a whim. This problem exists to a much lesser extent with Venomous.

Not a big fan of Ethereal for two reasons.
First i think offense-wise it is simply uneccessary. There is plenty of skull protection in the game already, Stoneskin is sufficient for me for most of my teams and playstyles, if i really feel i need more than that Gorgotha gets a shot and already basically renders skulls nigh useless for the enemy. If i ever felt like i needed to employ even more skull protection there is Stonehammer to up it. And being honest this much skull protection is really only needed if you ef up hard.
And the second probably more important reason is that i really dislike the idea of near invulnerability to one of the two ways of damage delivery in the game. It is too brutal of a hardcounter to skulls, and assuming a troop would be released that already is objectively good and also happens to have this trait we would quickly run into the situation where that troop lands in every defense in the game making skulls as a whole completely obsolete.

I like the other trait ideas though more fun stuff to play around with is always good.

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I mean cumulative like Scorpius and Amy etc.