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Eternal Empire (29/30) | Guild Rank 29


The Eternal Empire remained hidden until the Gems of War exploded across the land of Krystara…
The Eternal Empire’s military composed primarily of dragons and divine. The ruler held the title of Emperor.
Raised in comfort and safety the Eternal Empire want nothing but peace on the land of Krystara.
The war itself is the test to the Eternal Empire for how strong their will to restore peace on the land of Krystara.
And to maintain that goal The Eternal Empire require significant minimum funding of :

  • 500,000 gold
  • 0 trophy
  • 1000 seals
  • participation in weekly events

per week.

Eternal Empire information:

  • Rank 29
  • Guild War bracket 5-7
  • 40,000 seals weekly
  • 15+ legendary tasks weekly
  • Dead discord server
  • Friendly environment

Reply here / PM me to help us regain peace.
May the Force be with you.

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We’re awesome in many ways. Come find out for yourself! :wink:

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My current guild is in decline sadly so I’m looking for a new home. Your requirements per week I generally do most of the time. My invite code is ANGELITA_3VG8. Let me know if the spot is still available and I’ll leave my guild. My level is 942 and all kingdoms are level 10.

Bumping for possibly one or two spots before reset.
Also we just joined the God tier.


Hi, do you have room for an active level 57?

Dead discord/friendly community. What? Do you have active guild chat or smth?

Any space available?

Still got a free spot?
Lvl 1078. Requirements not a problem.

Still got a free spot? Lvl 1054. Meets all requirements :slight_smile:

we currently have spots available.

  • 500,000 gold
  • 0 trophy
  • 1000 seals
  • participation in weekly events

UP gan!!
40K seals
15+ legendary tasks
no discord mandatory

Wanna try. Thanks for an opportunity.