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Essence of Evil to the Dustbin

I remember being so excited when I finally obtained Scorpius. For so long I had been looking forward to exploring D12 more quickly than usual. Formed a fairly decent team, too.

(Essence of Evil, Archer, Mushroom banner)

Could play Broken Spire fairly well. Sure, Rhynax would appear occasionally but I just hit him with EoE before Webspinner did his thing. No one else caused any trouble, unless the first enemy shook off Entangle too soon.

Now? It’s a bit more interesting, now. In my experience, Lycanthropy on the enemy is NOT a negative effect. There are a lot of Beasts and some are stealthy or immune to poison. And it’s amazing how often the targeted enemy transforms within only a turn or two.

Back to the drawing board. I guess I’ll throw my EoE into the dustbin next to my Skeleton Key.