Error purchasing Starry Pet - not enough gems

Platform: PC

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was expecting to being able to purchase the 5 pets after the epic trial IV in Vulpacea which cost 200 gems - I have 30k+ gems, but the game says, I don’t have enough gems for this purchase and the error won’t go away, game is stuck on that screen and since I can only click “retry” so I have to Alt-F4 the game. So I’ve lost the chance to upgrade the pet to lvl 20…

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today with the new update

Steps to make it happen again
Win epic trial match, purchase pet for 200 gems, get error.


Подтверждаю столкнулся с этой же проблемой(( Единственная разница - отличаются последние символы

Same here.



Careful with those buttons, you are probably trying to purchase for 1 millions gems:


Haha what? No, I wasn’t clicking blindly, it said 200 gems on the button.

Mine showed 200 gems too.

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See here:

Apparently it tries to charge 1 million gems, even if your button still says 200 gems.

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Thanks. I mean I wouldn’t have played on a patch day if it wasn’t a guild wars week. Again.


Amazing offer!!!


That’s GENIUS. Sheer genius.

I encountered the same bug and was not able to purchase the pets on the last 3 levels, cause the asking price was suddenly 1,000,000 gems!

Please fix and let us get the remaining pets at the normal gem price!
I really want those!

40 gems for copy? what a steal :stuck_out_tongue:

Compared to the pet rescue shop it’s cheap. :sweat_smile: