Error keeps poping up. Plz help

Hi, every time i try too open my ingame mail, it says you do not have any mail, but i have. And then an error pops up, and it keeps poping up.
So i can´t open in game mail now. And the error won´t go away.
It says: error with a lot of small dots after that.

Can anyone plz help?

Are you on Xbox or Playstation?

same here ps4 a lot of players report this in chat

I am on ps4, my ingame name is " hejsa "

Ps4 , same problem for me
In ‘mongo’ thread someone said it’s also occurring on xbone

Hey Guys,

We went to send out the compensation mail to the console players, however this is the first time we’ve sent out compensation on the new servers for console… and it seems to have caused the issue you are seeing.

We’re working to revert this, and will try to send the compensation out again tomorrow. After the team has had a chance to investigate what caused this problem.

You should not have lost any existing mail, and it won’t affect any incoming mail (like Guild Rewards).


Will there be compensation for the trouble the compensation caused?

(couldn’t help myself)


Lol i was trying to think of a way to ask that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for YOU’RE input. Iggies.



I’ll show myself out


I just went to collect guild rewards and it is also causing my game to crash. No one in my guild can claim any type of mail. Its not just the compensation mail.

The fix is now out on Xbox, Playstation 4 fix should be out in the next 15 minutes or so.


Thank you, Nim :slight_smile:

That was quick :heart_eyes: Thanks, Nim

Harold is proud of your team, Nimhain!



Fixed now on ps4, thanks

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