Error in arena : cannot read property (xbox one)

i ve finish my arena and impossible to get trophees until 2 hours
I ve an error message :
Type error : cannot read property 1 of undefined at object exports.
I try to unblock but nothing change.
My arean is blocked. Have you already have this kind of problem ?

Seems XB1 may be starting it’s plugging in of new content, because there are all kinds of issues happening right now. Probably due to adding content for the upcoming update. … I was getting some crazy ones last night myself, where instead of actual awards showing, etc. it would simply have a blank screen with only BG, with maybe a banner that says something like “runedescriptionname” which appears to be a base templates for the upcoming added descriptions. … So yeah, I didn’t fool with GoW much last night due to all the error messages and this newer stuff coming in.

maybe it’s a pb with the new update.
I wait before ask to the support.
It’s 2 days that my arena is blocked. so boring

I would say to go ahead and put in a ticket now anyway. I had an issue last week, where there was a person in my queue for revenge I could not get out no matter how many times I faced him. And this was happening when I clicked invade, it kept giving me him, and he stayed in my revenge queue. … They responded back to me the very next day.

At least they will be aware of your issue, and could possibly make a quick fix to get your access back into the arena working sooner? Maybe just a simply reset or something similar.

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I ve contact the 505 support and they have me debug the arena.
It’s very good to see that 505 help players.

Very good. Hopefully they got it sorted for ya. :slight_smile:

As I stated above, here are a couple screenshots of the things I’m seeing, as far as what I believe are templates being shown.

Hopefully this doesn’t last long though? And sorry for the dark pics. Just grabbed my cell and didn’t have flash on, and I like the living room dark in the evenings. :slightly_smiling: