Epic is the new mythic

Or so it appears at least for ingots. Gaining epic ingots to level weapons is certainly harder than higher rarity because of delves now.


Oh absolutely. As it stands, Epic ingots are now the hardest ingots to get.

There is an option to buy 250 of them in the store. It’s tempting when you need to level weapons to get a kingdom to the next tier.

Farming them is no fun. Last night I needed 1 epic to max my weapon and I had to spend about 2 hours in PVP to get enough rare and ultra rare so that I could craft it.

On the other hand, you basically don’t need epic ingots any more, thanks to the Underworld. You get enough legendary and mythic ingots that you can fully upgrade plenty of weapons for kingdom requirements.


I get them all the time doing casual pvp, you need to play, but they come pretty frequently if you put in the hours farming cpvp or pvp.

I’ll start taking screenshots, I counted at least 8 to 10 epics yesterday. I did farm a lot though.

They does not come pretty frequently here. But I get max 1000 trophies a week. You probably play 10 times more than me. :haha:


I played over 10 hours yesterday, I play a lot more than most! :hugs:

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Yeah, you are one of the best players in GoW, no doubt. I have seen you high on leaderboards. :slight_smile:

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I will say legendary and mythic ingots in pvp or cpvp are very, very rare. I can’t recall seeing a mythic ingot lately outside of delves. And I only saw one Legendary yesterday during my farming.

Yeah, but the Devs should not think that Epic ingots comes pretty frequently in PvP matches as you say. They should base everything on how much the average player plays PvP. For most of us Epic Ingots is extremely rare to come by.


I agree, epic are the hardest to find.

The rest are in chests and delves as well as pvp.


Its intentional from the Devs side. What is very strange is that there is close to zero good Epic weapons. So it all comes down to upgrading them for Power Level.

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That is why I am just letting them all pile up for now. I’ll use accordingly.


Yeah, no need to upgrading any weapons that is not in ur plans of using regulary before you need them for getting a new Power Level star.

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I bet some have goals as upgrading all their weapons. I am glad I am not one of them. :rofl::joy:


When you get all common to ultra rare weapons fully upgraded (not super hard), basically after that all ingots below epic are epic ingots. A common ingot is 0,001 epic ingots. But yeah, I agree. Epics are the most valuable drop currently.


I must play a lot more than some… I convert upwards once every couple weeks, so I have more I made than farmed, but still…

I have 70 epic ingots, and I play more than most. You are not typical in your playing habits.


Of course, you do. Most people don’t play this game anywhere near 10 hours in one day. So, the number of epic ingots that you have are a clear outlier.


But the nice thing is this game allows me to play ten hours or more, and rewards play-time in terms of resources… I play more so I have more, I don’t see how that’s unfair. I understand those that don’t have a lot of time to farm may feel resources are tight, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong that if you put in the time and farm pvp or cpvp, epic ingots do pile up.