Epic Cataclysm NEEDS Minions. Won't you join?


About the Guild:

Founded by a self-taught warrior rogue with Cerebral Palsy, Epic Cataclysm serves as a mercenary community, in the hidden mountain valley, south of Zhul’Kari. The main goal of this clan is to achieve greatness, in Gems of War, but these epic warriors will also help you master life. Each warrior brings their “A” game to the table… whether it’s giving real-life advice or causing chaos in battles. Therefore, Epic Cataclysm is is just one of the nine guilds that live in the Housecat server, created by cky and Hope. Epic Cataclysm hopes evil minions will join and help wreak havoc on Krystara and the Underworld.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your spot and earn one of these cool titles.



As of 12:11 am, on 02/25/2019, Epic Cataclysm has 18 slots open for active players at ANY level who play everyday. We only ask that you…

  • Be Active (any player inactive for more than 5 days, without notice, will be demoted and after 9 days they will be kicked)

  • Contribute Daily (or at least weekly) to show progress (Gold is ONLY required after ALL kingdoms are leveled).

  • Be Courteous and Helpful To All (There are no stupid questions!)


Their MINIMUM Requirements Are:




    But, they encourage members to try to achieve 1500 seals!



To Join…

  1. Reply to this post
  2. Message Me (Carine_Aala)
  3. Contact Carine#0476, Hope#8242, or cky#6493 on Discord.

new year, looking to find active guild. sadly, only 1 or 2 active players in the guild I started the game with. reached level 550 or so, play daily. close to maxing all kingdoms, sitting on a nice pot of souls, lonely as hell. . .

hit me up, don’t care where i end up, just tired of playing alone . .


We’ll be glad to take you @mctav22. Just leave your guild so we can invite you.

Roger that…

Hi Carine_Aala,
I am also seeking an active guild, level 560+ and in a very similar situation as @mctav22 was. I’d be happy to join you.
See you soon :slight_smile:

Sent both of you an invite @mctav22 and @Hohoho. Hopefully ya’ll got it. Now all that’s left is for you to join the discord server. https://discord.gg/b6y6z6

I have received three invitations, but none of them worked. I had an error message saying that I could join the guild only for invitation.
And they have disappeared. Could you send it again. I play using mobile.

On it @Hohoho

I just started playing the game a while ago and I am interested in joining an active guild.

@Ruevera0882, What’s your hero’s level and invite code?

Level 37

@Ruevera0882, tried adding you; however, you need to leave your guild first

Welcome aboard @mctav22, @Hohoho, and @Ruevera0882! We hope you like it here. :grinning:

love it so far, excited about contributing . . .