Entangled Psion does not drain on skull 4 match?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Psion was entangled, NOT stunned, in front, and I matched 4 skulls and inflicted 1 point of damage to an enemy troop with 6 mana. He did not steal the mana when he inflicted skull damage…

thats how it works . same if psions attack is 0

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It did not use to work that way is the point I think he is trying to make.
When Psion does skull damage he steals mana, 1 point of damage is still damage.

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If the same thing happens to Wraith I believe he inflicts deathmark.

Most of these on-attack or on-skull-match traits need checking and reworking for their interaction with Entangle. Too inconsistent and patchy at the moment.

Same for BD’s trait when the attacker is entangled…