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Entangle/Webbed should prevent troops from fleeing

If a troop like a Raven or Gnome is entangled or webbed, it should always fail its chance to flee. Just makes sense.


Agreed. Its Annoying To Stun Then Silence Or Mana Drain The Valravens Just To Keep Them Around

Given thats its RNG it will always annoy us every time a raven or gnome escapes; including those entangled or webbed. The problem is RNG does undermine our efforts and skills and focus on capturing the raven or gnome for the reward or extra sigils. Statistically no RNG passes all criteria for a completely balanced gaming experience. We see a raven and want it while making sure we dont throw away the match by over focusing. However RNG will determine the outcome; the ravens location in a team of four; what card it substitutes; whether its coloured blocked; often not , so in general , RNG and ravens and gnomes do suck. Just another part of the tease which is this game. It teases rarely pleases.