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Ensuring fair play in Guild Wars

Would it be possible, just for Guild Wars, for all starting boards, gem drops and enemy decisions to be made server side? Besides the obvious, another benefit of this is if the player’s game crashes, the game could be saved on the server and resumed later.

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Server connections are made before and after a game.

Wars is wrecked by duplicitous guild spammers. The devs say the game is progressing but high guilds are likely to think otherwise. 2 spammers last wars wrecked our B1 aspirations but that’s cos alts are allowed. And that’s shit because you never know who the spammers are

What are spammers?
Come in and dont play GW?

We are bracked 1/2 on PS4, never had problems.

Spammers are “players” who join competitive (often rival) guilds at the start of wars. They give no gold (they know competitive guilds save resources for wars) and build no sentinels and don’t participate whatsoever. The game is full of this and it’s really bad news.

@Thevc Don’t top guilds recruit closely after guild wars than before it? Most top guilds are a part of an alliance, and if the top guild of the alliance is in need of a full 30/30, they swap in endgame players who went to laid back guilds of the alliance, just for the sake of Guild Wars.

Spam players are to be frowned upon, no doubt. But I don’t see why or how devs can do anything about it.

Its an alt thing and top guilds are more guilty than most because they don’t have a normal life.