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Enrage and haunter's mark, do they stack or not?

A question came up in our guild:
Do enrage and hunter’s mark stack or not?

But only because they are seperate effects.
One is a positive and one is a negative.
So they don’t stack.
But the damage should be…
(Attack x 1.5) x 2 = total skull damage done to the troop before traits of the enemy troop kick in.
If the troop doing the skull damage is enraged and the one taking the skull damage has Hunters Mark.
Otherwise Bleed is the only status effect that actually stacks. And that’s capped at 4 stacks.


Some people may say an Enraged Webspinner vs an opponent with Hunter’s Mark is overkill. I disagree.

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Yes, the damage effects of enrage and hunter’s mark stack, making skull hits do triple damage.

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Yes, it’s indeed overkill.

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Yes they both stack damage wise.

Anyone saying anything else is just being an asshat for no reason

This is why we get some troops that convert and some that transform.

Every definition of the word “stack” I can find always uses the exact same objects when using it as an example.

So to say two seperate status effects “stack” is simply incorrect.
As explained in my formula above.
Enrage multiples the attack, hunters Mark multiplies the skull damage done to the troop.
Both can exist seperately.
One can be cleansed.
One can be dispelled.
Bleed is still the only status effect that stacks.
If cleansed it doesn’t matter if bleed has 1, 2, 3 or 4 stacks. They all go away.

The status effects (Enraged and Hunters Mark) can be COMBINED :100:%
But stacked is not a synonym for combined.

Words matter folks.

And yet, you were fully aware of what OP was asking, but decided to be a dick and nit pick of word choices.

Not everyone speaks English as a first language and may not know the word, hell plenty of english speakers dont know words for things at times.

Hows about, you just answer the question, while standing on the ground, and get off of your high horse.

Jesus dude… Over react some more and cause more drama over a simple question and answer.
You’re the one that came in here claiming those who don’t agree with you are “asshats”.
So as the OP wrote… In his guild people are disagreeing over the subject of “hunters Mark and enraged stacking”. Perhaps they are disagreeing because the word “stack” isn’t being used properly.
So whether the OP speaks perfect English or doesn’t is neither here nor there. Since in both cases it’s important to understand the meaning of a word and to use it properly.
Or… You can go on the internet and call people asshats and claim they are on a high horse because they are intelligent and answered the question that was asked.
An answer was solicited by the OP.
Your unprovoked judgement because you’re easily triggered was not requested.
Perhaps I wouldn’t appear to be on a high horse if you didn’t choose to lower yourself so much with your statements. Just a thought.

LOL Why’re folks sooooo emotional over a simple question? Webspinner, Essence Of Evil, The Wild Queen, King Gobtruffle in any game mode is overkill if the RNG drops are in your favor. King Gobtruffle can be replaced with a Troop that enrages the first Troop(Webspinner). Just simply play a level 12 Explore or a level 500 Delve, the answer is clear.