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Enough with the witch hunt dawnbringer threads

Dawnbringer is something you hate if you don’t have it but love once you get it. It really is not that difficult to get the weapon. I have always hated arena before and after dawnbringer was released it is meant to be a extremely hard mode not a give me cakewalk. The reason I hate it is I’ve worked hard to build my troops stats so why should I have to play a mode that cuts my troops level in half. Dawnbringer is a very beatable weapon it just takes time.


Sorry what was the point here?

Complaining about people complaining about Dawnbringer.
“The point” was freedom to vent on the forums. Imo.

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Oh sure! :roll_eyes:

I’ve been playing for over a year and a half and I am just starting to get into a position where I can amass 100,000 Souls to be able to afford the first of the three components.

Probably by the end of my second year of play I’ll have managed to craft them and amass another million Souls to be able to craft the full weapon.

In the mean time there’s absolutely no point in my playing Arena.

Oh and, given past experience, the Nerf on Dawnbringer will happen just before I’m able to get one, as happened with Valkyrie, the first TDS Nerf and a few others…! :frowning:

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I’ve no problem with the venting. I found the Op confusing as it also vented that it hated arena, for being too easy or too hard. Blah whatever.

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