Ennemies arre too strong since 4.6 (exploration)

PC, Windows 7

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
At difficulry level 4 in exploration I expect to face ennemies like

ie 40-50 PVs
And I face the one in first capture (160-180 PV)

It happens since the new 4.6 update.
Yesterday I was fighting in exploration at max difficulty to earn extra seals.
Today, after the update I tested the new exploration way and found it more challenging.
And then I noticed the unexpected stas of my adversaries…

More of it, a lvl 40 troop summoned a level 42 minion, according to its magic stat…

To reproduce this bug ?
I think you’d need an account who was playing at max difficulty in exploration before the update…

As a proof here’is the capture of my gaining level in exploration (it’s my actual one) for now…

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Difficulty setting (e.g. Warlord IV) is incorrectly still getting applied to Explore tiers. To get the correctly scaled enemies switch your difficulty to Normal. You can do this by going into Casual PvP.


Many thanks for this quick answer !

It’s a bug really.
They are applying the old difficulty to new system.
For example, my exp is LvL10: 20191017192955_1
Expected enemy: 20191017193003_1
Real enemy team: 20191017193018_1
It’s 3 times stronger because I had max difficulty (+200% to stats) selected before the patch.
You can temporary “fix” it if select PvP -> Casual tab -> start any battle and tune up difficulty. But I expect that devs will make this fix propery anyway.

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