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Enjoying the bugs

TL;DR: please share what bugs do you enjoy or enjoyed in past :stuck_out_tongue: while they lasted!

personally im actually enjoying kraken and devouring impervious troops

i admit i dont face the meta as often as many of you do, so maybe thats why im enjoying the benefits more then suffering

just want to share some shred of positivity for a change

soโ€ฆ lets eat them all!
yum yum :smiley_cat::scream_cat::joy_cat:


My favorite bug was when Great Maw use to spam devour off its final trait with a huge skull clump.

It was possible to team wipe in 1 skull spam.


Maw + Bone dragon!!!

The Great Maw bug!

Call me old fashioned, I prefered the older skull spam bug, where overkilling damages would spill to the next target, wich also allowed for a one Keeper Of Soul cast wipe, but that would be because you went at them with overwhelming power instead of overwhelming RNG.

Then again, is it considered to be a bug when this was a normal behaviour at the time?


I miss it too. It made skull-based teams a lot more viable. Now itโ€™s all Mana Drain & Devour, which is much worse.

I think Great Maw and Bone Dragon were over-nerfed b/c of this bug. Great Mawโ€™s change to its 3rd trait made it much less of a problem, and BD just needed to create a few less skulls.