Endless cycle of Game Center achievements since iOS 10 update

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I completed all the Game Center achievements months ago, but after I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 10, the banner notifications are back, and they keep repeating. Even turning them off in settings won’t stop them.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Try updating an iPad Pro to iOS 10 and playing Gems of War.

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Here’s one:

I tried Settings -> Game Center, then tapped my Apple ID, signed out and back in. Still no good. Notifications for Game Center are off in settings, but appear constantly while playing.

Since nobody else has chimed in here with the same problem, I guess it must be unique to me. Could any other iOS users here suggest anything I can do to be rid of the notices? They are driving me bananas. Thanks.

might write down your account info - user and linked passcode… then uninstall, clear cashe and ram, and then reinstall. i find that helps for all kinds of issues on my android.

I just updated yesterday and the Game Center banner is out of control!!! Please make it stop!! In settings, everything is off. Why, oh why, is it still popping up???

Sounds like it’s an Apple issue, and the only fix is a new iOS update.

I’ve only been playing a month or so and it’s been happening for me to whole time. Every time I go up a level, I have to sit there and wait 30 secs+ for the same multiple banners to stop popping…