Endless Chaining

So I was just playing PvP and was going against someone with two Chalcedony units. No big deal until they started endlessly chaining her special attack. Her special creates Brown Gems, and since the team was all constructs, it practically filled the field with brown gems each time the special was used, enough to get frequent extra turns and also refill her Mana, then casts the special again and fills the field with more brown gems, and repeat. I sat there watching as 12 points of damage were being chipped off my units one after another in what seemed to be an endless loop. By the time the other player finally got out of the loop and I got a turn to play, I had gone from nearly full health to losing 2 units and a significant chunk of health on the remaining two.

I also had a similar experience when another unit that filled the field with red gems, got an extra turn, then did the special again. I was ready to exit the game when it finally stopped.

Could a rule be added that repeating spells in a single turn triggers a cool down (automatic end of turn or disabling that spell until the end of turn) after 2nd or 3rd casting in a turn. It would be like “speeding” in Monopoly (When a player rolls doubles, they get another roll. But if they roll doubles 3 times in one turn, they go to jail.) I’m not saying it should be punished but don’t let this kind of chaining remain exploitable.

How to prevent: try making New cards balanced. Thats all. V

That’s what snap freeze is used for. And freeze in general.

You have to stop the looping units.

Chalcedony is just the newest addition to this. Goblins do it all the time, it’s not new at all.


Sylverscale is right, this isnt new. Queen Beetrix does it, King Gobtruffle sometimes, mountain crusher…just to name a few

Which is a great strategy, except when the freeze gets auto-healed at the start of the exact turn when their mana is full. Has happened to me multiple times lol.

I hate this crap, it is annoying and a waste of time. I will just retreat when it starts happening. Even if I still had a chance to win, I’d rather take the loss so I don’t have to watch the loop. (Unless this is guild wars, where I’d not earn any points if I retreat)

welcome to gems of war…the main issue with this new loop team is the fast start and VERY strong loop. Freeze is your friend here ultimately …just make sure you have a team with snap freeze and any other freeze when you go up against one of these teams.

I did go up against this team and they were also using the Cursed Brown weapon…which blessed their whole team and took away my anti-loop ability…very frustrating.

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Retreat from a gw battle!
Theoretically there is a combo breaker feature in the game to break endless looping, works fine for the players. Beetrix hardly loops for me for example.

Detect-o-Bot by any chance?

It is far more annoying to encounter in a Delve (not just Tinker Town , but individual rooms with Krystenax, Leprechaun, etc…).

But as long as we’re tossing out ridiculous ideas, I would rather see something a little more subtle, such as reduced Mana gain (alternatively, higher Mana cost) each time the same* spell is cast during the same turn. (* - handled similarly to One-Shot spells, e.g. if you bring four copies of the same troop and cast all four during the same turn, this is treated the same as one troop casting four times in the same turn)

(Last weekend’s Switch event was a Zuul’Goth raid with Goblin teams, and oh BOY did my Princess Fizzbang want to constantly blow things up, right alongside Fundingus doing the same…)

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My dream is to see all extra turn mechanism removed from the game, that would open up so much possibility.

You can dream well if you play another game then

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We’re overdue for a Nyar’Mel effect for freeze: “Freeze a random Enemy when an Enemy casts a spell”. Probably a good idea to rework Frostmage to have this so its universally available to lower level players.

This wouldn’t stop Elementalist (immunity to Freeze) looping books, but then people don’t want Elementalist freeze options to exist to stop other loops either. :person_shrugging:


At least chalcedony can be easily frozen. Unlike a certain impervious goblin…

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