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End Game PvP worst state ever?

This is something I’ve read many other higher level players mention in the forums and discord lately…

Just wondering how many level 1000+ players out there like myself think the PvP (in particular the ranked) is in it’s worst state ever. It’s been fairly bad through out the last few months but the last couple weeks it just seems utterly atrocious. All I see are 2 or 3 teams 98% of the time most of the time its the Psion / Famine meta (50%) or the 4 dragon meta or some Queen Mab / Kraken meta (48% between those 2 based on the 300 (3T) matches I’ve tracked) once in a blue moon I’ll see a 3T team that isn’t one of those 3 and it feels like I’m looking at mirage.

I’m going back to just getting rank 1 in Ranked PvP on Monday’s and than avoiding it until something changes. It really does appear the end game is the least considered aspect of this game the more I play it.

I’m curious if other end game players feel or are seeing the same thing and what your thoughts are. BTW I’m level 1,185 on PS4 in the event the platform and level after 1,000 matters (I don’t think it does)



Thank your fellow gamers for that, not the game. I’ll never put up that defense in pvp for that reason, now in wars though u may get it.


but the game could do a lot more to incentivize different defenses… I’m also really tired of psion/ragnagord/infernus


In my limited experience, in the case of PC at least, a lot of end game players who most loudly complain on the forum about how boring PvP is, do themselves have the most generic defense metas including Psion, Forest Troll, and dragons. So, I’m really puzzled by these types of complaints. :rofl:


It’s not worse than any other time imho. This is a continued problem with PVP. Today, Psion and a couple of other teams are the overused PVP meta. Before it, it was Wisp/Krystenax and Troll/Kraken. Before that, there were others. Rinse and repeat.

Until the devs start incentivizing using troop variety in ranked PVP defense, we will have to deal with stale meta teams for long periods of time.


I don’t use that defense either. My defense is for experimental or event purposes. I agree GW the gloves are off lol.


The game is designed so you get the most rewards if you lose PvP on defense, so in theory people should be using diverse, weirdo teams that help you get event gems when applicable.

But the devs made the decision to include your PvP defense stats in calculating your “win percentage”. For the uber-competitive, that means no reward is worth a loss of “win percentage” and they’re going to use the cheesiest, lamest possible defense team the meta will allow.

Elephants have a really weird trait. The male genitals can be so long when aroused, the bulls are capable of stomping on their own members. It’s obviously painful and not conducive to breeding. That feels about like the design process behind many game mechanics.


I think perhaps if they didn’t count our defense wins and losses towards our ranked score that would help a lot. It’s hard enough to stay in the top 20 ranked. After hours of grinding only to come back and find your score lowered is a kick in the shins. When we had the stryx event i put up a stryx team for a few days, but by thursday i went back to my usual because i wanted to stay in the top 10 and was getting sick of losing points. There will always be another meta, and unless defense isn’t counted we’ll most likely keep facing it over and over. There’s no incentive to change teams. If so many truly cared we would see the meta a whole lot less than we do. Obviously it works, and people want to win, so we use what’s most effective. Until something changes, nothing will.


The new mechanics shifted the gameplay into something very wild, and unamusing for me. Explosions+Storms.


Your complaint is not a new one. It was made in the days of True Shot, and of 3x Skeleton + Prismatic Orb (hard to believe, isn’t it?), Webspinner, Wraith/Courage/Bone Dragon and a host of others. Right now the troop I see the most is Infernus. It won’t be long before there will be a new one to complain about. Be patient.


4 Fire bombz for the win.
Lv.1406 here and stopped PvP since the Krak fest META. (exception for events)

Yup, it’s psion city. Before that it was probably vjm. Infernus is everywhere too. It really irks me that folks can’t be arsed to try something different. Don’t they realise that they’re actually helping to make the game more boring by being lazy and unimaginative? I usually have two different defence teams each week, plus an event defence for the first few days if the event ties in with pvp.


so it begins, console starts to realize once justice league is gone, other meta dominate, nothing is actually changed.

‘starts to realise’? How condescending. There’ll always be a meta. Just like there’ll always be people who come across as rude on forums.


Were you around for Mawmigeddon? Or the Mabpocalypse way back when she first came out? Trust me, it was a lot worse.

Tbh, most of the time I played it was one team or another that 100% dominated the meta, and the level 1000+ matchmaker has always been, as far as I can remember, limited to one or two flavor of the month teams.

That’s still not why I retired though. The reason I retired was because only one invasion team was viable. Nothing else made the cut, only that team. The team that I for MONTHS warned people about. The game was too easy and ceased to be challenging or even interesting after grinding with Intrim for a while.

Now that there are other viable invasion teams, it’s not so bad. But it’s still all the same. Regardless of events, Giant Spider/Green Seer/Kraken/Kraken has a near 100% winrate now. Sure other teams are faster, but that level reliability is hard for me to match.

Plus there’s so much new stuff that I’d have to learn the game all over again, and I don’t feel like integrating myself into a new guild. Too much effort for my taste.

Anyway, I went on a wild tangent. Back to the main point:

Stop whining. It’s not the worst it has ever been. Everyone always says that, and they’re all wrong because it’s always just the same thing with different troops. I don’t remember a time since the days of Webspinner being the most OP troop in the game and having 20 HP meant you were a god-tier tank that there were more than four viable defense teams at a given time.

Get used to it.

Oh, and welcome to endgame. Enjoy your stay.


Let’s be real: how is this different from mid-game PvP?

I get by because I have TDS and Worldbreaker. I lose to the teams I lose to because I don’t have Psion, Mab, Famine, or any of about 6 other legendaries/mythics. My only goal in the game is to get those, so I can build those teams so… I can keep grinding out exactly how I have been.

Wouldn’t it be neat if there were a reason to ever change teams?

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There is. To help your fellow gamer with events and such.


Why do you think I became an Arena pony? I see no real reason to farm traitstones now that I have the necessities, Challenges are pitiful and only just to fill out the glorious 100% that gets players’ e-peens hard, who plays Treasure Hunt anymore, and well… BUCK PVP! Arena is the only mode worth playing at this point because for once, at least playing with and FIGHTING random teams(Dawnbringer excluded, but I can even beat them so it’s fine) is FUN! If Pinkie Pie played this game, I assure you that the only mode SHE would find fun is Arena… and that’s just sad. Nice to get glory keys for free though. :3

There is some gratification when you overcome such odds, we are gamers after all and in varying degrees this applies to everyone. But considering the structure of this game, the new releases and mechanics it would be interesting to the devs to make a proper analysis of all stages of the game.

Once a player reach the borders of a “True End-Game State” he/she is set to eventually have “everything”, but he/she still needs to put a lot of time and dedication in some aspects of the game, like farming traitstones if a fully traited collection is desired for example. New stuff being constantly released will barely complicate things, but will sometimes improve their power considerably.

In retrospect everyone below such player will still have a lot of struggle, unless a powerful legendary or Mythic happens to drop, but still we shouldn’t depend on overpowered/unbalanced troops being released to have realistic expectations of progress.

Once again, a simple auto filter that makes it that you can’t be proposed an adversary team that contains a troop or weapon that you faced in one of your last 3 matches.

You face Psion- Rag- Fam- Death.
Next « offers » don’t have these.
You choose Kho-Valk-Just-Mab
Next you pick Gorg-Infer- Dawn- Elemau

Next 3 teams cannot have any of those 12!!
Then next PRFD comes back in the fray.