Enable us to buy potions to complete Pure Faction

Please enable us to either buy potions or craft them in the soulforge.
Instead of waiting for Tuesday faction assault, we should have the chance to buy potions in any day to complete PF.
Why should I go back from scratch leveling up the faction when I completed it to level 500 and only left the PF at level 500.

Please make it happen.


I don’t think this will ever happen, but I second this.
It’s a pain where the light doesn’t shine going through 500 Levels again even if already done in the past.
But… yeah. Getting rid of the “always load nothing but stop the game for second”-issue is a bigger thing I guess.

I concur & hopefully the devs agree too …

From the developers’ point of view, you can replace Potions of Power by investing in your Hoard. It’s not as quick and easy as a Potion of Power, and you end up getting far more of the other attributes than the Magic you crave, but that’s probably the way they would look at things.

And even if they did provide the ability to purchase Potions of Power? How long should they last? What’s a reasonable “price point” to sell them at? Do you have to purchase separate potions for each individual delve? Et cetera.


If delve event (tuesday/opening weekend) potions were permanent and stuck around, I’d feel a lot better about investing in them. Because then I’d definitely consider them to be an investment instead of temporary throwaway that feels bad every time.

a better way would be to use gems to bring your faction progress over to the tuesday event.

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If this can’t happen then at least let us start with the delve on Tuesday Faction assault where we left it.
So if I need only to finish the PF 500 then I can purchase the potions and do the PF 500.
Why I have to start from level 20?
Hoping for this change if possible


They start it at 20 (the beginning) because the Tuesday event has an attached leaderboard with rewards. If they start it at anything other than 20 based on an individual’s progress, many players would have an advantage.

It’s a difference of opinion of what the Tuesday event is meant for. They think we need competition on every day, you guys just want to play catch up.

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The amount of mythic PF troops you have the mythics you own and the hoard level all already give a skewed advantage to older players and ones who have poured in resources. While I don’t disagree they do this in order to start the leaderboards at a “common place” There is plenty already to differentiate newer from older players in the time and difficulty. Players who are striving for the leaderboards and already have it at pf 500 will obviously have the advantage for the leaderboard but they basically already do. Having higher base stats boosted stats the pets and hoard levels than newer players just trying to get the delve done to PF 500. So the players who already have an advantage would maybe have a bigger advantage over those who are honestly just trying to get it done for the stats and pets but I don’t see that harming either group really anyways. There would be a small subsect of newer players striving for the leaderboard that would be starting at a low lvl delve that would be at a disadvantage the first time it occurs then in the future after already being at PF 500 would be equal that may feel tempted to overspend on potions for sigils to compete for a spot but honestly I would think both groups of players would be fine with it. I would rather have a quicker time completing delves I have been manually working on than climbing the leaderboard for a handful of orbs and gems and I have been on the leaderboard a few times just buying the 7t7 for 2510 gems for weekend faction assaults. I would much rather be able to get through the delves faster when they appear on tuesdays as it currently feels like such a rush to get through it all in one day when really all I care about is getting it done.

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Haha, yea, I didn’t say it was a good reason.

And yes, I agree that Tuesday events encourage unhealthy play. I wish they would do something about it, but doubtful. They’ve probably already moved on to the next thing.


Well we can always hope and make our thoughts known. I know a lot of players hate delves for these reasons anyways and for sure the tuesday faction assault seems far too rushed if something IRL comes up after spending all those gems to attempt it and hoping to spend a solid 8 hours grinding away it is gonna feel real bad and mostly it is the newer players who even care to do faction assaults because the leaderboard has rewards much less than the invested resources to get on it so there is little motivation to climb it once the delve is already done but of course some players still will. I do like delves but a lot of the pure faction runs are going to be very difficult without the potions because the troops are awful. You can buy the stats in hoards but you’ll miss the potions of explosion enchanting bless shielding etc and just makes them much harder than if you happen to have that many hours on a tuesday and the gems to make it happen which a lot of players won’t. I for one would be more willing to spend gems on a tuesday faction assault if there was some way for them to rebalance it either starting at your last completed level or extending the days or even allowing potions to be purchased for the delves outside of faction assaults that do not expire cost more but also do not affect the tuesday faction assault stats. If they can make money off of it they have motivation to do so and a lot of players don’t spend gems on tuesday faction assaults because of these reasons so I am sure they can be motivated to make it more tempting to spend gems on the delves.


There’s a simple solution to that leaderboard problem: Players that choose to continue their run instead of starting from 20 simply don’t get placed on the leaderboard.

Rocket Surgery!

I for one don’t give a damn about the leaderboard, and would rather continue my delve from whereever.


Same here, I totally agree with you @dank-o
I wish they just find a way to do that, that would be great and encourage many to finish the pure faction.

If both ideas are not feasible then change the faction assault to 3 days event so you have the time to complete as the new delve.


The easiest solution is to allow the potions you buy on Tuesdays for what that day’s Faction event is, transfer over to the actual Underworld for that delve only.

Then, you don’t have to worry about trudging your way back to up 500 in 1 day, the leaderboard for the event stays intact, and you have 3 chances to beat the delve with the potions enabled that you bought.

Plus it would be nice if they added in a Level Select option, as having only a 50 or 500 delve to play is stupid. Once I beat a level I should be able to select that level again if I wanted to.

Hi Adventurers,

We have an faction themed update coming this year (as Jeto may have mentioned in our recent Stream).

While it may not necessarily be potions, we can look at adding something similar in this update to help players complete level 500 Delves with a pure faction team.


Most likely something similar to the ‘Epic Battles’ function in weekly and class events probably (use extra sigils for stat boosts, so would last for the one delve run only). There already seems to be most of the system there already so could be the easiest solution.

Thank you @Nimhain for replying.
What you mean by “adding something similar in this update”? what update? and what it is can you explain please. Thanks

Just referencing an upcoming update. They don’t share too much info with us, in case things change.

Judging from the history of updates, I would expect the next update to be closer to April (maybe earlier, maybe later). If it’s not in that, the next would be July.

Delves are easy enough as it is.

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Thank you @canadademon

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