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Enable all mythics for crafting (but)

  • Keep the 4 random mythics available for crafting with their original price (call then “feathured weekly mythics” or something)
  • Allow to craft all other mythics for a “higher then normal” price

this way ppl who cant wait to get their mythc - can craft it right away - while game economy and dev pockets possibly benefit more? :slight_smile:

why not just enable all without the but?
how is the game economy benefit more?


I really see no need for them to charge more to make all mythics available for crafting. They already have a huge gated resource on mythic crafting.


true but i wanted to give them any alternative idea in case they decided just unlocking all is “too good” and "wont do"
it still would be better then the current situation.

generally making the units actually not craftable due to rotation is rather disappointing, its like the promised crafting feature is there… but not for most of the units.

Hmmm yet another thread moaning about the availability of Mythics… given how many months it takes to accrue 4000 Diamonds, I don’t seem the harm in waiting a few days or weeks for the one you want to rotate in…

Of course we would all like Crafting to be the proper targeted create-what-you-like design that we were expecting… fingers-crossed that this is done properly next time…

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