Empowered - full mana

Empowered full mana at start troops are a problem to the game.
Mana buildup is not necessary:

  • in pvp, depending on the board and troop, everything is finished on turn 1.
  • in pve, at high level (doom events), a troop can be insta killed on turn 1 (spirit fox, sunken fleet boss room).

Of course you can counter with your own empowered troops, so why bother matching gems, and just put every troops empowered and break the game. Why not put in an empowered potions while we’ re at it ? Does the game have to escalate and get into power creep mode ?


  1. Scale those troops at 50% mana start
  2. Stop putting more empowered troops.

The whole meaning of a word Empowered pretty much means fully charged.

I would make a different change for the Empowered trait.

Empowered: Starts at 50% mana start, gets +5% or +10% with each new turn.