Empower Wars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please change the name of Guild Wars to Empower Wars.
And if during “Empower” War weeks. If you could avoid turning the AI/RNG (whatever you call the Frank over factor) to 11 that would be swell as welll. Thanks. :+1:
(Doesn’t mean they need to.)


¯_(ツ)_/¯… Will be added any time a title is less than 15 characters. A useless emoji thingy to go along with a useless need for 15 characters.


Rofl. What are you thinking by trying to offer a concise description of a game based issue? Maybe you’re clucking and need an honour fix. Seriously though, there is a sudden deluge of emp troops which ruin many battles. In a similar thread it was suggested we simply counter the emps with emps of our own, although in wars, I think we both know that’s not a realistic or viable option. Emp troops need to be shelved or diminished in initial potency. 50% is ample for any troop at the start of a fight, and at least it gives a chance to prevail. turn 1 defence wins do little to whet the appetite for further battles. Skill is being removed completely from the game by such troops and potions in events. This latest invasion for example is ludicrously easy and an absolute cash/gem bender when it comes to final LB position I am sure. 50% is good; change it to semipowered, half baked or something along those lines. Surely the game needs to preserve some element of skill?


Right on cue, the same prolific cash machine is now staking his invasion LB claim. I used to offer the vc challenge to all players…same buy in tier and see who wins. Never had one player accept. Poetic lol

Yes it’s harder to win for EVERYBODY

So if I can deal with losing more often, so can EVERYBODY