Emoji Request - Normal Smiley Face

Can you possibly add a ‘normal’ smiley face emoji?
2 of my Guild members recently had a bereavement & I wanted to show support but the nice big smiley or the heart eyes felt inappropriate to use.
A normal smiley is the most basic so I wonder if it could be added.

And thank you for adding emojis BTW, nice touch!


And a Blink emoji too. Strange it was not in the basic pack.

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Otherwise you can do it the “old” way. Like this: : - ) or ; - ) but without the spaces :slight_smile:

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That’s what I resorted to, the emoji’s are just more heartwarning is all.
Anyway, just a request.

I leave it to each person to decide what is appropriate in their own situation, but instead of a more heartfelt emoji, why not actually tell them how you are feeling in concise connecting language? The addition of emojis to the chat system has brought down the level of discourse to text message level, which I don’t believe to be positive or heartfelt on any level.

As to the actual request, hey devs let’s see some more emojis! The more the merrier is what I always say.

Request received loud and clear. I have passed it on. :slight_smile: