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Emerald Source? [ANSWERED]

I understand there’s really no source of jewels (besides the Dungeon and its Offer) in the game. But, I know one of the Kingdom Challenge levels (7? (EDIT: nope, 7 is Chaos Shards. Perhaps 8)) gives some flavor of jewel as a reward. Can anyone point me to a list that shows what Kingdom’s Challenges give what rewards? This week’s Green Summoning Stone includes Desert Troll as a possibility, I don’t have it, and I’m fresh out of Emeralds.

Every kingdom has a set colour mastery. That determines which colour deeds are used to upgrade it as well as which colour jewels come from kingdom challenges, tier 8 to be exact.

You’re looking for green mastery kingdoms: Bright Forest, Zhul’Kari, Forest of Thorns, Zaejin or Maugrim Woods :slight_smile:

And a general reminder, emeralds can also be crafted in the soul forge, recipe uses shards and souls.


Thanks. I’ve still got 3 of those Kingdom Challenges available. As for crafting, up until now, I’d never considered running out of non-diamond jewels to be a problem. So, I’ve been keeping my shards low by periodically crafting them into diamonds. I guess that was a mistake. From now on, I’ll let those shards sit until I actually need them. Anyway, thanks again.

Also jewels sometimes can be found in baskets from pet events. Not sure if type of jewel is assigned to pet color (any green pet would do) or enemies you’re fighting (probably Goblin Queen fights)… need more data on this.