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Ember Strike: A REAL Real Time Match 3 Game - NO TURNS

Hello everyone! While the Gems of War servers are being slow/unresponsive, I figured I share a game with all of you that was recently added to Steam early access.

It is a match 3 game called Ember Strike. It is quite a unique match 3 game in which two players play on a 5x6 board with no alternating turns. Both players match colors, cast, and strategize on the same board at the same time. If GoW is ever down, or you are looking for real time PvP, you may want to take a peek at it. PvP gets quite hectic and hilarious with how fast paced it becomes.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this game and seeing if I can push some of them towards Gems of War. :wink:



Teams of 5! :hushed:

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I tried playing it for a while. The concept is nice, but the animation is very distracting to my eyes, the gems design and effects make the possible matches hard to notice, and it’s not always clear when you can cast. I feel the game is harder than it should be, and not for the good reasons.

I know that game is a work in progress (being early access and all), and I hope it gets better, but until then, I guess I’ll pass.

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I was about to write this off as a troll post, but then I saw it was tacet so I decided to click the thread and give the game a try.

Wow this is very different than gems, but it’s pretty interesting in it’s own way. Makes me sad that I have to focus on making my matches than watch the cute lil critters though.

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omfg this game looks cool as fuck! TYVM TACET

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I tried it thinking it would be turn-based real-time. It’s okay in its current state but nothing too impressive.

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it reminds me of bejewelled blitz… i use to play that game for weeks at a time!

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Tried it out for an hour today - seems quite fun! Made me laugh out loud a few times because of the cutesy critters and animations. Thanks for the suggestion.
Pretty good so far, no complaints except you need a good internet connection all the time. Mine’s a bit patchy at best…

Hmmm, @tacet we really shouldn’t be using this game’s forum to advertise a different game!

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He only did it because GoW was down at the time.
Also, if the other game is not as good, it may actually be a good thing to send people over so they would realize how good GoW actually is.

But I do agree that it’s somewhat of a bad taste, unless he first confirmed with the devs that it doesn’t bother them.

I mostly only did it because it is a match 3 game and as @Yonizaf mentioned, GoW was down or slow for about 10 hours straight the other day. I won’t be doing it again, but there isn’t really any way for me to share something off topic with everyone in this community other than this forum. The game also has very little in common to GoW, so it isn’t really competition.