Elite + Pass questions and support

What do we get with the elite pass? is it a one-time purchase? Are we guaranteed all the rewards shown under the elite pass for this campaign after completing the tasks? I’m also having trouble purchasing it if I do decide to. After I click the button to purchase, I just get a blue loading line and no information comes up.

You have to complete all of the tasks to get the rewards. I wouldnt suggest buying it unless you are 100% sure you will complete all of the tasks .

It is retroactive, so if you purchase it after you have done some tasks (or even all of them), you get the rewards.

Have you tried restarting your device, and then trying to pirchase it? Also, I think your Google Play needs to be set up with your payment information ahead of time.

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I’m on xbox

Re: the loading line, sounds like the game may be having trouble connecting to the Xbox store, there’s a few things you can try:

  1. exit the game fully and re-open it
  2. ensure you’re connected to Xbox Live
  3. turn off your xbox and turn the power off at the wall for 30 seconds
  4. ^ same thing but for your router (but if everything else online on your xbox is working this probably won’t help)
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