Elementalist Class should help Nexus Troops

It shows that the Aquatic Glory Talent is for Frostmage Class that one I agree on, but I think the Elementalist Class should have a Talent that helps Nexus Troops and the Aquatic Glory be replaced with Elemental Glory All Nexus Allies gain 2 Magic when an enemy dies.

That’s not how talent trees work. There’ a limited number of talent trees, e.g. “Fire”, “Death” and “Water”. Each class gets 3 talent trees, “Stone”, “Water” and “Storms” for Elementalist. The 7 talents within each talent tree are fixed, there’s no way to change them individually. Replacing “Aquatic Glory” with something else would replace it for every class that has access to the “Water” talent tree.


If anything, Aquatic Glory would be more appropriate for the Tidecaller class (Merfolk, Merlantis), rather than Frostmage (Fey, Glacial Peaks).

also - Lord of Storms, the level 100 talent gives all elementals 1 magic when an ally casts a spell which will almost always give you more magic than an Elemental Glory one would - and basically the entire Nexus kingdom are elementals

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