Elementalist Class not gaining exp

Steam on pc

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I started the Elementalist Class in the Class Exp event using the Elementalist class in the event fight. I did 6 fights in the Class Trial event and didn’t get any Exp. Then I did a random challenge with the Elementalist class and got Exp - this then opened the Exp up. I did not get the previous 6 fights in the class back tho.
You can clearly see in the picture that I have done 7 fights all together with this class, but I only have Exp for 1 fight.
I then went back to the Class Trial and did 1 more fight, but still failed to get any exp from the fight.
Note: I did complete the class event quests before starting the Class Trial.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time it has happened. It appears that I am not gaining exp for the class in the class trial at all.

Steps to make it happen again
I assume because I didn’t do any fights prior to the Class Trial with this class that this has created the bug.

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Were you using a hero in your team during the class trial?

EDIT: Looks like she wasn’t using the hero.

OMG. I am so dumb. LoL. Yeah. It worked when I put a hero in the team.

But then that shows up another oddity, how can you get exp towards a class weapon without using the hero??

As long as you have a class equipped, it counts towards class wins.
It has always been like that.


Please update the title of your post so Devs can focus on the real bugs. Thank you @BeverageBBB.

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