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ElementalFury needs Help!

ElementalFury only has 2 active members . We need New Players!:skull::ghost::imp:

Best of luck with reviving your guild! But if it doesn’t work out and you’d like to join an active guild (Sultans of Surge, rank 111) , let me know. We’d love to have you, and we can fit in your other active guild member as well. We are a very active guild with just a couple of dead-weight players that I’m trying to replace. If you’d like to meld with us, let me know!

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Sorry but I am the leader of it .I can Just leave it

Totally understand! I just wanted to offer in case the two of you were stuck. Best of luck!

Would you know where to find recruits?

Your better option is to join the Sultans in a merge — it’s a good offer!

It is very difficult to build a guild from the ground up, speaking as one who’s done it, and as a GM that is helping to get our 5th guild built up from the ground. Most very-new players don’t last long, and most not-very-new players can do better than a very-new guild.

If you’re dead-set on going your own way, you’re already doing the right thing: post on the forum, post in global chat, post in public discord servers, etc…

Cast a bunch of lines and maybe you’ll catch a fish here and there. But be prepared for a very well-organized guild to take at least a year to get beyond the “struggling guild” stage.

Good luck, have fun, and reconsider joining the Horde

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