Elemaugrim being a PvE event?

I’ll add more here as i can think. But Elemaugrim has a very high chance that we can be blessed with a PvE event.

I am confused by what you mean with this?

Why would Elemaugrim be a PVE event?


I’ll explain. RN I’m driving from college back home

so intriguing! :laughing:

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Ok. I’ll start explaining. The first reference we get to Elemaugrim is almost the other side of Dragon’s claw. Elemaugrim is first mentioned in The event, “The Wargening”. Read the Description of Forest Guardian, He and Wulfgarork ‘slayed’ Elemaugrim to rid Maugrim Woods of his terror. I actually have a lot more speculation, but I want to fact check before i proceed

perhaps he should be a boss raid! ( raid: pve event that takes a whole group of players to beat given enemy/enemies)


Please forgive mi ignorance but what is PvE?

Player vs Enemy(AI)

Can also be Player vs Environment, but the meaning is the same as Asha’s.


Cool thanks!