Effective Lady Anariel Team


I need Lady Anariel team for PVP.

Please help.

Lady Anariel
Giant Spider/Green Slime
2x blue or purple “nukers”

The latter can be your choice - I like Death and/or Pharos-Ra there, but obviously not feasible for many. Khorvash, Crimson Bat, Krystenax - there are lots to choose from!


Please comment below team;

Lady Anariel
Giant Spider
Valkyrie or Alchemist (if choose valkyrie boost spider and anariel, if choose Alchemist boost Lady Sapphira. Which one is good?
Lady Sapphira



Frozen banner: +2 Blue +1 Purple - 1 Red

  • Tanker troop such as Gorgotha, Golem or Fortress Gate ¹
  • Tuskar fully traited.
  • Justice, no traits needed.
  • Lady Anariel fully traited

1: If it’s also green, like Archon Statue it’s a little plus for Tuskar and Anariel traits but mana blocking Tuskar on green and brown is not ideal i think. Don’t use Treant or any tanker with blue since they block mana for Justice and Anariel obviously.

Just spam some spells, get a tons of life and one shot stuff with your Big Bad Elephant.

I really enjoyed Gorgotha / Anariel / Draakulis / Famine for a while. Super safe and fun to see Draakulis’ HP get huge. Was pretty solid on defense too. Didn’t even have Draak traited.

I also had a Tuskar team I played a little when the troop first came out. Damage/Speed was a little underwhelming though.

Which troop for attacking? Tuskar or justice or anariel or gorhotha

With a Tuskar team you use Anariel over and over again to buff Tuskar’s life, then cast his spell once he has really high Life. His damage scales off his Life. At some point, he becomes one-shot-one-kill. Still a little slow though since first you have to fill Anariel a bunch of times, then you have to fire off Tuskar 4 times.

The troops i mentioned are already in order. First is your tanker troop, then Tuskar, Justice and finally Anariel.

I don’t have gorgotha and other golem and f.gate brown mana. If i make your team, there is no any yellow and green mana.is it problem?

No, just don’t use a blue troop in the front because it blocks Justice and Anariel from getting their manas.

But there is no any yellow and green mana troop in my team therefore every yellow and green matches will be waste. Can we add any transform troop for blue for easy filled justice and anariel?

If you really want color coverage for yellow you can use Priestess. She will use her spell on herself gaining armor and barrier, that paired with the extra health from Anariel and Justice should be enough to keep her alive. Oh and you could also use Bul’ Tauros, his spell also scales the damage based on his life, but with being in the front he is more than likely to lose health…

I tried above teams and i don’t like them. Please alternative teams with Lady Anariel.

Lady Anariel
Queen Mab

I used that for quite a while. nice looping ability


I made a below team; please comment and advice;

Fortress Gate
Lady Anariel