EDIT- NOT A BUG Bone Dragon caused all enemies to triple life (iD 10 T error)

Playing on normal mode. The enemy Orion was entangled when the enemy Bone Dragon chose my Dracos 1337 ( 55 armour) to put a shed load of skulls on the board. After the smoke cleared all of the enemy’s life had tripled. Uh oh!


Ofcourse it had nothing to do with Courage’s third trait triggering on skull matches?

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Courage causes life and attack gain triggers on skull matches, not skull damage

Double uh oh :+1:
I didn’t even give a thought to the 3rd trait danger from Courage.
Header changed - thanks for responding so quickly !

One bonus, Orion won’t have gotten the attack buff from all those skulls due to being entangled when it took place.

Well I did win in the end so it wasnt all bad :smile:

I’ve seen that team a few times, never let it do that though… scary thought.

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New meta is that you?

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Not on defense at least, too easy to shut down. Sylvanimora + converters can neutralize any form of skull attack team.

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New meta attack team?