Easy-going, non-competitive guild seeks active recruits of all levels - Thought's Thinkers

Thought’s Thinkers is a guild for people who love playing, but want to help others and figure out new and fun ways to refine their gameplay, rather than competing. We’re an open guild (anyone can join), but when we get full, we cut the oldest 2-3 members if they’ve gone more than 20 days without logging in (depending on demand, this might drop to 14 days in the future). We welcome members of all levels (1+), and encourage our lower-level members to invest first in their kingdoms, as well as advise them on best practices for where they’re at in the game. Those of us in the guild that are higher-level are more than happy to offer advice, as we’ve all benefited heavily from the advice of others (most especially @Tacet, whom we still regularly take ongoing advice from, both for personal use and to redistribute).


  • Log in at least once a week.

  • That’s it. No, really. While we don’t kick players unless we get maxed, and then only those > 20 days idle, not logging in at least once per week is just throwing away all of the benefits we’re buying together, and that tells us that the game itself isn’t worth your time.


  • Log in daily, or near to it.

  • Contribute at least a seal per level per week, though we’d obviously strongly prefer and advise that the higher-levels (L100+) contribute the full 1500, as it helps the whole guild.

  • If you’re over L100, we’d recommend contributing at least 100 gold per level per week to the tasks. Again, helps the whole guild, most especially the newbies.

  • Watch the guild chat; give advice when you can, and ask questions when you need to. We’re fairly responsive, and often have a reply within an hour or three, if not immediately.

  • Do the daily Guild Wars, preferably with color teams, but it’s more important that you can win than max your points.


  • Rank 4 is granted once you’ve contributed your first 50k gold.

  • Rank 3 is granted once you’ve contributed your first 350k gold (up from 200k).

  • Rank 2 is granted once you’ve contributed your first 1M gold (up from 500k).

Some stats:

  • “Chill with us! Come in, take it easy, and enjoy the game at your own pace.”

  • No level requirement, and anyone can self-join.

  • Current guardian levels: Red 40, Blue 42, Green 40, Yellow 38, Purple 27, Brown 35

  • Most guardian levels usually goes up every week at this point.

  • Current average task levels each week: Red 5, Blue 5, Green 5, Yellow 5, Purple 3, Brown 4

  • We hope this will go up as we have more members contributing gold. As should be obvious, we focus on Gems, Gem Keys, Event Keys and Glory Keys. We’ll also warn people if it’s not worth it to spend event keys for the current week, and should save them for later weeks due to various events.

  • We average 5k to 10k seals each week. We’d like to get this up as much as possible, and the first step toward that is getting a minimum of 10k each week. Again, this helps everyone because guild chests (via seals) then start giving Legendary and Mythic cards.

  • League: Around 30k trophies; currently around 1250 on the ranking, adding about 1k trophies per week. Again, we’re not pushing to compete here; we’re mostly just interested in the extra daily gold bonus, but we’re not in any rush.

  • Guild Wars: Currently ranked >1k. Again, we’re not pushing to compete, but we do encourage participation.

If you hare having trouble pulling us up, send me a PM on here with your invite code, or reply on here, and I’ll send you an invite.

Hope to see you soon!

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Hey man!
Me and my friend are in a 2man guild and would like to join you guys. We are enjoying the game in a casual way by logging in almost everyday and play decent amount. Im lvl 250 or such and my friend is 900 something. Looking forward for your reply

Send me a PM with your invite codes, and I’ll invite you directly! Keep in mind, I can’t invite you if you’re already in a guild, so you have to leave first before I can. Alternatively, you could search for us, but that’s not as easy as it should be.

Hi Thought, I’m a casual Player from Germany at lvl 90 now and want to join a guild to increase my “know how”. My invitecode is FLATULENZIO … CU :wink:

No answer :confused:? Joined other guild, bye

Sorry! I’m not on 100% of the time (work, sleep, etc.) so I just got this! Hope the other guild works out for you, but if not, let me know and I’ll invite you as soon as I see it. (: