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Dynamic Duo

I was looking for this. This info hasn’t made it onto the Facebook page yet, has it?

Cool new stuff. Nice artwork…

Great artwork for both new troop!

While the Red Panda is very cute, I find Sifu Yuan to be very interesting. He is likely inspired by Tang Sanzang, the main monk character in Jouney to the West, which based on actual historical people, Xuanzang, a ancient Chinese monk who spread Buddhism to from India. Sanzang’s and Sifu Yuan’s staff are quite similar in design.


Gameplay-wise, I would prefer him to have Transcend trait instead of Sky Ancestry. But at least it’s consistant to his race, and extra magic on Siegebreaker is not that great anyway, he can still destroy everything on skulls matches alone.


[noodnik mode on]
To be more correct, Xuanzang went to India to study Buddhism, not to bring it there. And what was more important, he returned to China with sacred Buddhist scrolls.
[noodnik mode off]


Oh no… how could I get my own ancestors’s history wrong? It’d been a while since I learned about him, and I don’t read his Wikipedia page clearly enough. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the correction by the way.
But I'm gonna go commit Sudoku now.

Yeah, I mean playing that number game, not doing that Japanese ritual, which have nothing to do with Chinese except both being a part of Asian culture.

Cool looking troops, and a very interesting weapon.
Also very happy to see upgrades on the weapon that don’t counteract its spell. Now if only the pointless +1 magic wasn’t among them, but what can you do, no explode upgrade on a gem spawn weapon, i take it!

Whoa… turned out Crimson Arrow’s Eagle Eye trait does indeed place Hunter’s mark on opponent before doing his skull damage. So he usually does 2x damage on skulls matches!

The only way to counter him would be using Impervious troops on top, or any troops that have Hunter’s mark immunity. Or stunned him first. Innocent, but deadly, perfect for trolling team! Here’s my team that take full advantage of his ability.



Also nice for hero with eagle eye fully traited. :slight_smile:

Cool troops.

At first glance, I thought the Arrow guy was a Raccoon. Like Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. Haha.


Oh, now I can see that… good observation!

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At first glance i thought his tail behind his head was hair, which would be cool for his design.

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Have anyone found any fun Crimson Arrow teams yet?

He’s fine at the head of any skullspam team, but only until he gets hit because then he go squish like grape.


Wrath works well with him because Enrage increases the damage a lot.


Very nice job with all 3 new pieces of content this week.

  1. The Hero weapon while not OP is unique in its gameplay compared to others (keep mixing them up with different abilities).
  2. Sifh has nice art work, and I always like new recorded audio (please do it more often)
  3. Arrow has some nice synergy and design.
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Slightly off-topic, but…

In a hour, Shantang’s Event will come to an end. But in my country, the Chinese’s Emperor Gods Festival, also known as 10-day Vegetarian Festival, is just getting start!