Dwarves Gone Wild

Well, okay, I’m curious. Do you believe there are more players paying gems for enough Raid Shop tiers to receive the Godslayer than players spending free daily sigils on Delve runs?

Note that I didn’t disagree with you, just voicing my opinion that the usefulness gets overshadowed by an arguably superior troop.

Yes. By far there are more players buying two tiers in a guild event that gives immediate rewards that any level can participate it.
Compared to Delves that give long term Rewards that are difficult even for end Gamers. Let alone… beginners.
I have 5 guilds of different activity that I monitor and base my thoughts on.
What’s your source? Personal perception? Seems a bit biased if you ask me.


Holy crap you’re in five guilds? How do you even keep up? Do you not do anything else? Not saying you don’t have a life because I’m only in one guild and I’ll be the first to admit I probably have less of a life than anyone here. I meant do you play other games or do anything else for fun?

AW is not personally playing in 5 guilds lol. He’s GL for a group of 5 diferent guilds, that share a discord server as well, thus is easy to monitor all 5 via a central hub.

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I’m in one guild… That I play in.
I have alts in another guild that I don’t usually have time for other than log ins.

I have time to play and read posts before jumping to conclusions.
As in… monitor is vastly different than playing on 5 different accounts. :grinning:


I’m with AWR on this, I hate delves, absolutely can’t stand them to the point I have to push myself to even do delve events so I never do my 3-a-day.
However I’ll happily buy at least tier 3 during raids - delves are a personal thing, raids/invasions/ToD are for the whole guild…

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You not going to get a lot of sympathy from the majority of players if you don’t do delves and you missing troops . It’s not like they locked behind paywalls or anything.

I’m not after sympathy, just saying that the generalisation that people won’t stump up gems but will do free delves is incorrect, certainly in my case & at least 28 others in my guild (we have 1 member who religiously does his daily delves but that’s it).
I’m also only missing 2 mythics & zuul…

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I know :+1: I am just stating the state of the forum these days.

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Agreed, I tend to not post much for the same reasons…

Well I do agree with @awryan that this troop is more useful than most new troops that landed on us this year

I sort of forgot the tendency for people to want to cast godslayer troops ASAP in this mode. That being said, this thing is a doomskull converter, there can be no understating how insanely strong she is for an otherwise-incredibly-lowly event troop.

On top of that, for any sort of skull converter - she is definitely cheaper to cast at only 12. Plus she can get buffed by King Highforge for 6 (not in Raid Boss mode obviously but generally speaking).


… And she’s a giant Slayer.


You get 28 free sigils throughout the week to participate. The average player doesn’t spend gems on very few extra sigils plus a mixed bag of “immediate rewards”, they’d rather save for some armor or open some chests. Note that the average player level is way below 1000.

Delves also give short term rewards, the chest at the end of each run. Even beginners can do that, and they can turn in the chaos shards with any faction. They also get a free event each Tuesday that basically guarantees they’ll have some chaos shards to spend.

Just some rough eyeballing in regards to how many players the game supposedly has and how many of those are within a guild, buying at least two Raid Boss tiers. I’m finding “more than half of them” exceedingly implausible.

Which, quite coincidentally, makes you biased. Unless you want to claim those guilds contain mostly the Average Joe that is content with logging in at best twice a week and wondering which kingdom to unlock next, in a month or two. Your guilds are better organized than the thousands of open ones you stumble over when using the guild search, right? :wink:

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I could show you literal proof that your perspective is wrong. And it still wouldn’t change it. So I for one… am done trying.

moira kinda nice. obviously maraji queen is better with self 50% mana start and curse that can remove barrier on cast but moira has it place in dwarf doomskull spam team with runepriest banishment. its not the best but its something.

Well, show the literal proof then, don’t just go around claiming that any other than your perspective is wrong. :man_shrugging:

All it takes is two numbers:

1.) Number of players in GoW.
2.) Number of players that bought tier 2 in the Raid Boss shop this week.

Your assumption is that there’s more than half of them, mine is that there’s less (actually way less, probably even way less than 10%). It’s an interesting guessing game, too bad that @Sirrian is no longer around, he’d probably provide some data.

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I was saying I could show you literal proof and it wouldn’t change your mind.
I wasn’t saying that I have proof. Only the devs do.
But okay man… Keep trying to argue your point. I have a Raid to get to. :+1:

Not to name that she fits nice with bloodhammer and his doomstorm trait, in the event…

Paired with apoth runeforge and highforge can make dwarves great again✊

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Yay I love dwarves and this will help me get my next star for the kingdom