Dwarves and Jewels

The developers just released 3.1 simultaneous reworking the Dwarves. Question: What do the Dwarves do when not drinking ale, or running short distances? They MINE! What resource was just added to the game: Jewels.

Other troops have a chance of collect Gold, Souls, or Maps when used why can’t the Dwarves have a 20% chance to find a few Jewels when used in battle?


You’re right, the devs have given them short shrift . . .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m learning that bad puns are a real short-coming of yours.

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Not really - I’m in it for the long haul. :wink:


Thanks for bumping this.

I seriously think this is a major oversight of the developers in planning. Dwarves and Mining: Is like PB&J. Image @Tacet doing a video how to farm with dwarves video, That alone would be priceless.

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Pick up a pick axe and shovel your way to glory. Sorry, @Strat, I got a little carried away (by a mine cart, probably). I’ll stop punning in your post now. Love your idea, though.

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The only thing I don’t like is how this might force too much dwarf-play. I don’t want to feel forced to use Dwarves the way I felt forced to use Valkyrie before 1) the soul-farming rework and 2) I hit the soul wall. There will be no jewel-wall, so this would be an unending pressure to use dwarves all the time so as not to miss out on these otherwise gated resources.


I hate to burst your bubble, but this may not be the greatest idea. With regard to Diamonds, at the moment, they are such a huge bottleneck on the only desirable thing that it would over centralize gameplay similar to how Valk did when she was the only viable soul generator. The other jewels… well, their purchasing power outside of the few hundred incidental you need to finish the weapons for collection purposes has yet to be seen.

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To me, their purchasing power equates to 1 celestial per week, or 1/2 a selected arcane (without sinking gems into the daily bonus packs).

@Mithran I did not specify (on purpose) as it could be shards, colored, though I doubt diamonds. and NEVER intended this to mean diamonds, as no troops collect Gems.

With enough farming of those try your luck… who knows pick your color and try to get the troops you after.

If people don’t want extra Jewels than can pass on using dwarves.

So when you have enough of these, another zero, then?

I was thinking more along the lines of summoning stones, which is two pulls per hundred jewels. They can have commons to legendaries (possibly commons to mythics) but we don’t know the distribution. Could be level 3 guild key-ish, could be better, could be worse, and at the rate they come in, it will be months before we even have a semblance of an idea on drop rates. At this level, in the quantities given, they certainly aren’t worth much. I couldn’t see myself actively farming with dwarves for something worse than what would amount to a piece of something overall worse than a glory key unless they were in massive quantities, so I’d be okay with this.


Now that your on board back to the neighborhood beerfest!

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For me, celestials, either in and of themselves or as a means to turn excess runics into Arcanes, are more valuable than what will amount to a small number of random pulls. The craftables are unbalanced in colour, so I’ll use up the excess brown and green jewels on a handful of summoning stones, but once that’s done, I’ll be going celestials all the way (unless those drop rates turn out to be very attractive).

I don’t mind the idea of crafting components appearing in other ways than from dungeons, but I just wouldn’t want to feel forced into playing Dwarves to get them. Having a smattering of different troops do this (the way they did with soul-farmers) would be more attractive to me. For existing non-dwarf troops, Finley seems like a good option or one or more of the dragons (Dimetraxia or Emperina, maybe?). Bonnie Rose?


The relative pricing on some of these things is really baffling considering the options. Looking at it from a low level perspective, for traiting your first set of troops, getting even one arcane of the right type can be a hurdle. Before you can mow through explores you are probably going to take a long time to farm the arcanes for, but at that point, how reliably are you clearing dungeons? For that matter, even the souls required to convert are costly at that point, since its not easy to cap in battle before you start leveling your kingdoms. One celestial or half an arcane worth of purchasing power per week on the other hand is laughable once you have a fast explore team. The opportunity cost for that is on average is about 9-12 minutes of explore for anyone at midgame (eg., still starring kingdoms for double skill bonus) with the right team, 5-6 minutes at endgame, and you would have likely spent a bit more than that clearing the weekly dungeons in the first place. Since you’ve already committed to the dungeons for other reasons, its more of a consolation prize, but it is practically nonexistent, especially if you have “enough”, in which case, there is no reason to craft them anyways. It remains to be seen if the summoning stones are even more laughable, but at 12 pulls per week with the floor rarity being common, I’m not expecting much.

It therefore makes absolutely no sense for the colored jewels to be hard limited so hard while also having such low purchasing power. It would make a lot more sense if they were just handed out like candy (even just randomly from battles in small quantities) then we can have dwarves or other options in there if you want an extra kick. Nothing to the level that valk provided, which was functionally 10x the amount of that resource, two times at most.

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I totally agree on your crafting versus explore comparison, but to me, the colored jewels are merely a by-product of diamond farming. I’m going to have them, so I want to use them in whatever way serves me best. From what I can see, that is my 1 or 2 celestials per week, and assuming I don’t need the celestials directly, I’ll be turning the other things that I don’t need (runics and majors) into Arcanes, which I do.

If i can use dwarfs to get jewels i dont have to do the hard dungeons so i think its a good idea