Dwarven Explore teams

Since this week is Treasure Maps for snotstones, and the bonus resource event requires a full Dwarf team for explores, giving 500, I figured we might as well focus on explore teams this week. Here’s my current one:

Meet the Ironbeards
Lord Ironbeard
Lady Ironbeard
Deep Borer

Lion’s Banner (+2 Blue, +1 Yellow, -1 Green)

The following places have the most Red Troops, so you’d be more likely to get the triple damage on Lord Ironbeard.
6 Red Troops
Blighted Lands
Wild Plains

5 Red Troops
Maugrim Woods
Mist of Scales

Anyone else got some good teams?

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It’s occurred to me that if you want to get any gold at all, stay the heck away from Explore lol… sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


True, it’s not the best way to make gold, a fast team in PVP will almost always trump it. But I enjoy making the teams and seeing what others come up with.

Deep Borer <> Dwarf…
So does this team grant the bonus and its really a Dwarf and troops from Khaziel?

Deep Borer is classified as a Dwarf. And it does seem to give the bonus if you use it in explore.


+4 Armor, +14 Life from team bonuses.

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Yep - my bad!
Dwarf Deep Borer it is!

yeah its not the best way to get gold but since:

  • we dont get bonus reward for pvp this week
  • explore gets a bonus reward

its good opportunity to farm arcanes in explore this week and while at it get that bonus gold (that providing if the dwarf team can be fast enough?)

thank @Ozball for creating this thread :slight_smile:

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Yeah to be honest, I’m not sure if it will be able to beat a bombot team on Normal for traitstones, but if we’re talking Warlord IV then we might be able to come up with something?

ill have to try after i get home, my bombots are permamently underdeveloped so they wont do on their own :sweat_smile:

Deep Borer
Lady Ironbeard
Dwarf Lord

I’m up in stormheim mining for runic water traitstones

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this whole event makes me wish khaziel had its own base mythic already and it was a mythic dwarf :smile:


If you want to maximize your gold in explore, try running this;

Dwarf Miner
Dwarf Lord
Bombadier (or any other dwarf with different mana colors)

Miner has gold bonuses and both Dwarf Lord and Apothecary have Merchant.

It can be a bit of a grind (unles you hit alot of 4-5 matches OR Dwarf Miner hits his 100% more gold) AND yes, PVP is a better option. However, you can collect a decent amount of gold in EXPLORE and increase your odds of getting runic/arcanes.

And what is with the people who strictly avoid PVP at all costs?

I appreciate this event very much. Currently running with Dwarven Miner, Lady Ironbeard, Apothecary and Lord Ironbeard.

You and me both

I would also like to see a Mana maker - I having an impossible time making a Dwarven team that can sustain itself.

I would approach it as “it’s not actually pvp and sometimes the computer picks teams that are rather sociopathic. Avoid those.”

@Mgla Even then, I don’t enjoy PVP that much. I prefer Explore because you face a lot more troops than just the best, I can use whatever I want and have an increased chance for Arcanes.

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Your wish may soon be granted as April is Dwarf Mythic


You’re telling me!

I just ran into one of those. I normally don’t loose in Explore mode… This had Shegra, Lady Ironbeard and Jarl all in the same team and more so at numbers I normally see at Warlord 4… not at Warlord2 which I have been playing for week now.

ok, so i tried to play with deep borers and lady ironbeards, it was cool but still slow, eventually my team evolved to:

Dwarven Slayer (any traits welcome, if possible mythic lv20)
Lady Ironbeard (traits not needed)
Deep Borer (prefered trait water link)
Dwarven Miner (prefered trait stone link)

+kraken banner, explore normal/hard difficulty

the team is designed for fast explores

the reason for dwarven slayer is - he is one of highest attack dwarves that dont interfere with lady ironbeard colors

tactic - skull-1shot-kill everything and what you cant - one-shot with lady ironbeard