Dust Devil + Scorpius. Damage does not raise? (Not a bug)


Today I had a team including Dust Devil and Scorpius.
Scorpius has trait Desert King and thus every brown ally get +1 to all stats. And he does indeed do so.
Dust Devil receives this +1 to all stats but even when he rises to magic level 20 the damage done is still only 5.
Every other troop I put in Dust Devils place until now gives more damage when his magic rises only Dust Devil stays at the same damage. I haven’t tried every brown troop yet but all those I did try had their damage going up along with the magic level.

There is nothing about his ability that is boosted by magic. His damage is constant 5. Only purple colored numbers on cards are boosted by magic.
He used to, about 3+ years ago, but he was nerfed back then and never reworked even tho everything can get up to 3 or 4 times more stats than in the beginning of the game.


I seem to recall the issue was that Dust Devil allowed players to sort of automate Explore battles. Pick four Dust Devil, start battle, cast top to bottom until everything is dead. Would still work today if damage hadn’t been set to a low fixed value.

I thought it was because people were putting Dust Devil x4 on their def teams and being fully charged, it would wipe the opposing team out fairly quickly in most cases?

Explore teams weren’t really problem, people do that now with Fire Bomb and Sunbird.

Hey @WWDiver. As Jzg says, Dust Devil’s “deal 5 damage to all enemies” will not increase or scale with Scropius’ Trait as Dust Devil’s damage does not scale. Only purple numbers are affected my Magic scaling. Anything black is static and will not increase/change, even with Leveling.

Spell damage will increase whenever the magic can be scaled, e.g. by other Troops like Scorpius in some cases or if your Troop has a purple number.

Amira for comparison (super effective!)

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