Duplicates in a chest


This seems new to me, but a couple of times while opening a regular chest, I got the same card twice in the chest. Is that normal?


It’s perfectly normal in that it can and will happen from time to time.
Think of it like rolling three dice and getting two identical numbers.


I get this very often. As a matter of fact I am convinced that my personal RNG increases the chance for a specific troop if it has been revealed before during the day. So if I get a Dwarven Miner in chest 1, I’ll get 2 in chest 2, 1 in chest 3 and 1 in chest 5. Then I’ll get a Satyr in each chest 6,7 and 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, this happens all the time in any digital card game. Heck one time I got two Kerberos in the same pack!


I mostly get Dire Wolves…


And here I am dreaming about a single Kerberos :thought_balloon:


I think there’s a line of code on the server that reads:

if (name == "JAINUS") card="DireWolf"

We were thinking of changing its flavor text to read “Sorry, Jainus”


I know where you live…


hahaha I’d say it’s a double lack of luck. Except in cases where we get two legendary.