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Dungeons and some confusions

I can understand enemy bosses getting altered and having unique abilities/traits over the original and that’s not what confuses me but rather why a boss has a far weaker 3rd trait compared to it’s regular form.

This one in particular is Elemaugrim. Regular Elemaugrim’s 3rd trait reduces every enemies attack by 4 for each 4 or 5 match which is annoying but Eternal Elemaugrim’s 3rd trait is a single burn on 4 or 5 matches… why? Dungeon Elemaugrim’s ability burns everyone already so why add a pretty pointless 3rd trait?

If you want to argue with saying “It would make it too op” then what about Eternal Gard’s Avatar? He gets +4 armor per yellow match, far easier than needing to use abilities and his ability does true damage which makes it more threatening to the original Gard’s Avatar.

So yeah… I don’t see why Elemaugrim gets completely screwed over but Gard’s Avatar and other Eternal bosses gets a nice boost.


Completely agree. I think Elemaugrim got that third trait just to fit better at Final boss of Fire Dungeon, but he just steal it from Jarl Firemantle, so it’s very weak.

Yes, Elemaugrim is a fire dragon, but I think he fits better at the dark/chaos one, not really deserves to be the Final Boss of Fire. Infernus would obviously fit better, with maybe third trait that burn all enemies at the start of every turn or something. But, that might also be too powerful for new players.

Come to think of it, the whole opponents of Dungeon are pretty outdated. There are so many new Mythics now that would fit a better roles. Maybe the whole mode need some updates…

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Without tier shops being added. :wink:


Given a facebook post / ss in spoilers section, I think dungeons are getting a great deal of rework.

There are a good few QoL changes like this that are probably (hopefully) due to be fixed. Another frustrating example would be the interaction between 4/5 gem matches and the gem explosion caused by upgrading the Divine Protector weapon. The explosion can and often does interrupt a 4/5 match, which ends your turn. I appreciate that this may be functioning as intended, but it would be nice to be able to toggle it off if so, as it seems to be more of a hindrance than a benefit.

I don’t follow Gems of War on Facebook. What screenshot were you thinking of?

I think that’s the different, unrelated mode for an Underworld. Although it’s clearly a true Dungeon-crawler mode, unlike our current Dungeon.

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Yeah, that’s not Dungeons. That’s something else entirely: Delves. (It even says so in the image!)

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