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Dungeons. Again

Dear Devs,

Why do you care if it takes us 2 days to complete campaign tasks? Because that’s the only reason for the dungeon task (3 weeks in a row now) to show up in the tasks list.

Because there are nerds who will pay gems to skip this task.


Plenty of non-nerds will pay to skip it too.

This week there’s the added issue of not being able to get the extra stats until day 2 of guild wars as well, for those who worry about such things.

day2 is 1st day when fighting happens, so unless game day-swap is in the middle of the night at their timezone, some people will try to finish them ASAP tomorrow

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Yeah typo on my part, but it’ll still mean some missing defense stats for the first day of guild wars. That’s not something I personally worry about but I won’t be surprised if people complain about it.