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Dungeon Bosses in Explore!?

Hey guys, is this normal and it just never happened to me before? I’m exploring in Khaziel, normal difficulty, for the event snotstones. And look who visited me all of sudden:
(Funny extra: I got a Celestial from the battle.)

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Yes, it is normal.
It is not only a donjon boss, but also the boss of the line of quests in Khaziel that allows you to unlock War & Peace. As such it can sometimes be encountered in explore in Khaziel, but it is a rare occurrence.

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Oh dang, I had never noticed that the quest boss in Khaziel was the improved version of Gorgotha. Well, all is good then. It’s not like he bothered me much, I was just surprised and somewhat confused. Thanks!

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Yeah I just noticed my first ever King Gorgotha in Explore tonight as well (due to event as I don’t farm here ever it seems)

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Over my first nine explore battles in Khaziel, I’ve faced as many King Gorgothas as I have dwarves. Hooray, small number statistics!

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Well, at least then I’m not alone.
And this is the first time I’m farming in Khaziel, too - and stupidly (?) in 30 minutes, I got 6 Arcanes there when before, when farming for Ketras in Wild Plains, nothing had dropped for over an hour. Not sure if I should flip a table or be glad because I sure as heck haven’t traited my GW and guardian troops needing the Khaziel Arcane yet.

I will skip the event this week again. My time is limited, and I need trophies, not stones.

Event is very fast, though. Really can’t complain; lots of dwarves in Khaziel and very easy explore location on normal. Sunbird rarely has any problems clearing in one shot.

But then again, I like visiting the dentist more than visiting the PVP area. Sooooo…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ugh. I am finding Khaziel consistently full of Mechs, Daemons and random Mythics, and annoyingly few Dwarves… swear I have killed Yasmine’s Chosen there more than I have Dwarves…

I’m done with the event now. Needed a bit more than an hour. And got, I don’t believe it, 16 Arcanes and 6 Celestials. I’m so okay with this event, lol.

But yeah, the enemy sets are weird. It’s either 3-4 dwarves or none at all. Really few sets with only 1-2 dwarves. Mechs were definitely as common as Dwarves, that’s for sure. And Yasmine’s Chosen does like the place. Not so many other mythics for me, though - mainly Stonehammer, YC and King Gorgotha. Demons happened for me as well, but not as often as the other races.