Dual Color weapon give me strength

I need help as i am looking for a list of all the dual colored weapons because i want to know the names and effects of them so i can beter run the arena (notpvp?) teams as it is hard to cover all the colors when you draft your team and can only cover it with one weapon.

Most we can get you at the moment is the weapon list on the site. Search for or scroll to Prismatic Orb and read from there (there are some more in the way first). They’re almost exclusively from either events or leveling up a lot of masteries though.

(This is why I’ve been saying a database onsite would be good for this…)

you can also leave the arena (knowing what colors you are looking for) go to troops and then hero… then filter by mana color. then go back to arena and find the weapon.

ITS LONG AND ANNOYS ME, but it works… wish arena could sort weapons… when i heard we would be able to sort i was like YES finally! i can find my arena weapon… sigh.