Drunkers guild looking for active players (PC/Mobile)

We’re a lvl37 guild with dedicated players. Just got rid of inactive members so Its a small guild but we are rising fast. About to hit 10k trophies, usually gets 400k gold a week and hit 5k seals minimum. Consistently win guild wars! We’re looking for all types of players. Just tell me your invite code.

Which platform are you on?

You may want to let ppl know what platform brudda

Edit: sniped by ozball

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Oh lol it’s pc/mobile

@Noskizzle i changed your category for you to one that will probably work better for ya hope you dont mind brudda😎

Good luck on your recruitment :four_leaf_clover:


And btw Welcome to the forums! Lots of valuable info here so look around and if you have any questions feel free to ask☺ pm me if u want or there is no shortage of ppl who are happy to help😎

Still looking for active members!