Drop Rates are sad

I got the notification saying we can ONLY get the new mythic troop from event chest. And I not going to pay hundred dollars to blow on event chest or any chest. The drop rate is sad and not worth the effort. I just wait until it pops up in the soulforge. The drop rates on every chest is not worth any amount of money.

??? There are no new mythic that can be ONLY found in event chest this week…

There is a new troop this week that can be found only in Event chest: A LEGENDARY troop named Uvhash-Ka.

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Why would you have to buy event keys? You get some each week from trading glory for the spoils of war in the shop. You also get more from guild tasks each week and more from LT if your guild completes those as well. Then there are the keys you can stockpile from the vault keys being used. You typically are only using event keys on the kingdoms you are missing mythics from or from weeks like this where there is a new legendary that pairs with the glory troop for the week. Each week that passes where the mythics are bad or you already have the mythics from that kingdom allows you to stockpile more keys.