Drop rate of ignots in gem chest (with pics)


Here is a sampling of ignotz in 1000 gem chest



ingot drop rate sucks, i opened 1300 gem chests and got over a 100 stupid UR. Probably a dozen epic and two legendary, one mythic.


Well you can make 10 epic out of your hundred URz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ummm, would you mind totting up the totals for each for us?

I got a bit of a headache looking at that!



I just used all my gems key after Suna is gone, on hope of getting other Mythics. This is the result of 633 gem keys!

Mythic Ingot : 1
Legandary Ingot : 1
Epic Ingot : 9
Ultra-Rare Ingot : 43