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Всем привет! Я не так давно начал играть в эту игру и все же хочу узнать почему я до сих пор не могу выбить мифическое существо уже имея 406 уровень персонажа. Я невезучий? Хорошо. Тогда кто-нибудь может мне ответить какой шанс выпадения мифической карты в этой игре? Просто у меня создается ощущение, что я просто не получу его и через другую сотню уровней. Same in English.
Hello everyone. I started playing this game not so long ago and yet I want to find out why I still cannot knock out a mythical creature already having a character level of 406. Am I unlucky? Good. Then, can anyone tell me what is the chance to drop the mythical card in this game? I just have the feeling that I just won’t get it through another hundred levels.

It is not uncommon to be level 406 and not have a Mythic. Some people make it all the way to level 1,000 without one.

The chances depend on what kind of chest you are opening.

  • Glory chests have about a 0.02% chance.
  • Gem and Event chests have about a 0.12% chance.
  • Guild chests are the same as Gem chests if your guild has collected 40,000 seals.
  • VIP chests have about a 1.665% chance.
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This is sad of course. Thanks for the answer.

And you have four copies of mythic ascension guild guardians (Humility, Courage and others)…until then guild chests drop guardians half of the time.

Level 406 with no mythics isn’t that bad. I got my first mythic at over level 500 and my second didn’t come until I was over level 1000. That was being in a guild that completed all tasks and legendary tasks before the task nerf.

Of course you can get very lucky like my second account and get 2 mythics at under level 100 in a guild that didn’t complete all tasks.

Those are the drop rates after that particular chest rolls a troop. Chests can also drop “other”, the chance to drop “other” depends on the type of chest, and the roll whether it is a troop or not troop happens first and independently. For example, the troop drop rate for VIP chests is only 60%, meaning you have a 60% drop to get a troop, then a 1.665% chance at that troop being mythic for an overall total of slightly below 1% chance at actually pulling a mythic per key. Actual drop rates for mythics adjusted for troop drop rates Gem/Event chests is about 1 in 1042 (0.096%), and glory chests are about 1 in 7143 (0.014%). 40k guild chests have the same troop rarity distribution as gem keys, but a slightly higher incidence of troop drops versus “other”, giving them a overall approx 1 in 9259 chance to drop a mythic, assuming you no longer get guardians (0.108%).

Everything else the others said stands. I started an alt account in June 2018 and have yet to pull a mythic from chests. Despite being in a casual paced guild and playing casually (not even completing dungeons every day), I’ll likely have enough diamonds to craft a second one before I pull my first from chests.

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If that is the case when why doesnt the total percentage for event case add up to 100%?

It does. If there is a “find troop chance” of 80%, that means you have a 20% chance of finding a not-troop, for a total of 100% chance of getting something (troop, traitstone, etc.). The “rarity chance” is then rolled if you found a troop. If you add all of the rarity chances, 84.88%, 12%, 3%, and 0.12%, you again get 100%. But you only roll for troop rarity if you get a troop.

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Oh right i thought slyp was mentioning the “1 chest” column which is already the adjusted effective percentage. Didnt notice the “Rarity chance”. My bad

Bleh, I always forget this. I wish TW had a column for the actual rarity and not just that rarity, because the only other column is “odds of getting this particular troop” and that’s a lot different.

Hey, man don’t think of it like that. You said you’re at level 406. I’m assuming you’re in an active guild. If not you need to join one. I am in (shameless plug right here) Connect 4- great bunch of guys with low minimums and we hit most of the tasks every week. I joined a year ago and the progress has always been forward and never backwards. What I do is save up all my keys for about a month or so and just unload them all at once. I have managed to get at least one mythic every two months and sometimes even more.

What you might also start looking into is playing the dungeons every day. It’s a really slow progress and it takes about two months (more) to save up enough of the diamonds you get to craft your own mythic. You can speed the process up by buying the daily deals (with gems) they have for the diamonds in the dungeon but I personally never do that except on Sundays when the deal is better than the other days.

So you don’t really have to rely on the RNG to get your mythics but once you join a guild and play enough you can either craft your own or get lucky with the RNG.

Note: Please excuse me if you feel like I’m talking to you like you’re a newbie. That’s not my intention. I’m just telling you what I did to get my Mythics.