Dreaming a diamond troop?

I know Iโ€™m dreaming, but how about a troop that creates diamonds, like the coin troops? :thinking::smile:

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Diamonds may be too much to ask for, but I could picture a troop, that earns you gems.
Back before treasure hunt was included, the reward for a 7-combo was a gem instead of a map (and in defenses, it still is), so earning those in fights is something, that has been considered on the dev side.

Yeah i know that would be pushing it. Gem troop would be a nice change. :+1:

i would like this but double truffle and sycorax would net loads of gems. Far more than the devs would like to give away

Erm no, I mean, it used to be that way. And I do not mean seven moves in a row, but one move with seven consecutive matches. Just the way, you get maps now. Had been gems once.

However, what this thread would be about, is a troop with a spell effect, that earns you something (diamonds in the starting suggestion, gems in mine). Maybe with a five or ten piece cap per fight.

[Edit:] And if that still sounds too powerful (I admit, bringing this one to explore 1 could give you an unhealthy push), maybe even lower it to a 25 or 20% chance, like with the map troops.

you mean a 7 cascade? that would make it more balanced

7-cascades are not all that difficult to pull off, especially when storms are running. I run a skull-based team for Explore-12 and I probably get at least one treasure map out of an E-12 battle roughly half the time. Maybe even more often than that.

Replacing that treasure map with a gem (or diamond) would simply lead to more inflation in the GoW economy. And the developers overreacting in the opposite direction because โ€œbalanceโ€.

Sycorax is ready to break the economy.